Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th

Synergy News

Friday December 14, 2012


Students at the K-8 schools within CSSU will be changing e-mail addresses next week. The email address will change from to  We are making this change to allow teachers and students to better share documents and collaborate on projects and to facilitate the 8th grade transition to CVU, thus creating one student email account lasting K-12.  The current email address you have been using will not work.  Please send an email to your student and include any email address (Family members) that your student may want to email.  Their new email address will be in this format

This week we had a celebration on 12/12/12 at 12:12:12.  We began with 12 jumping jacks to count down.  We then watched one of my all-time favorite parts or Sesame Street, Pinball 12  .  Many students brought in collections of 12 things to share.  We even had a special delivery of 12 balloons.  During math the students wrote 12 or more equations that equaled 12.  In reading groups students read with a partner with the goal of reading 12 books.  The students filled their honey jar again and they choose 12 minutes of extra recess.  It was a fun filled day!

On Thursday we had two CVU students come to our class to teach us the colors in Spanish.  Alicia, one of the students, was a Rotary exchange student from La Paz, Mexico.  We learned the colors rojo (red), azul (blue), verde (green), rosa (pink), blanco (white), Amarillo (yellow).  The students had a very fun and active class.  At the end Alicia read the class  Llama, Llama Red Pajama in Spanish.

Friday was an exciting day with two special treats.  First we visited Ms. Schwartz’s class in Horizon.  Their class has been working on a reader’s theater play as a way to practice their fluency.  The readers did an amazing job of projecting their voices and reading with expression.  As a school wide award for filling the whole school filling the beehive the students were treated to the Musical Petting Zoo.  During music the class was able to listen and try many different symphony instruments.  The students’ favorites were…

  • The colors in Spanish
  • Readers Theater      
  • 12/12/12
  • The musical petting zoo
  • Friday workshop
Kids Quotes
·         “I love to write”
·         “I read challenging books at home that’s why I’m a good reader!”

Gabbi is the Listener of the Week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7th

Synergy News

Friday December 7, 2012


Report cards are coming home today!  Please sign and then return the envelope to school.  If you have any questions or concerns that come up from the report cards please let me know!

ABS has filled the bee hive with warm buzzies again.  Our class has definitely contributed as we filled our honey jar three times just this week.  Next Friday we will have our school wide celebration.  We will have a 50 minute musical zoo.  This is a musical experience put on by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.  With the help of a sterilizing agent and parent volunteers ("handlers"), every student in attendance is given the opportunity to hammer away on the snare drum and other percussion, exercise their lungs with three brass instruments, pluck the strings of a harp, toot the flute, and flex their muscles on the violin and cello.” Our class will need two parent volunteers from 11:00-12:00.  If you are available please let me know.  

Our visit to the Scholastic Book Fair at WCS was a great success.  Many of the students got some fantastic books.  I was very impressed at the books chosen as so often the students get sucked into the games, posters and erasers and less than spectacular books.  Thank you to the parents who volunteered and to all the parents who purchased books!

Paper airplanes have taken over morning explore time.  The students checked out all the paper airplane books from the library and have been testing out different types of airplanes.  The classic dart seems to be the airplane that flies the best.  The students work together to make them and then create a runway that has a clear take-off and landing zone for the airplanes to be tested.  Just this morning one student got a plane to fly from our classroom down the hall in well into Ms. Stein’s class.

Beginning on Tuesday next week the students will have a daily math assignment during explore time.  They will have 5-7 math problems to complete.  Each day will be slightly different with topics including addition, subtraction, interpreting graphs, telling time, counting coins, etc…

  • Paper Airplanes        
  • Their day as an illustrator
  • El Perrito Skipito
Kids Quotes
·         “I’m going to go swimming on the sun this weekend!”
·         “There WAS a mouse living under our oven.”
·         “At my Grandma’s church… or maybe BINGO they bring stuff for charity”

Zach is the Listener of the Week  AGAIN!!!