Monday, September 9, 2013


This week in writing we were working on improving our descriptions. Each team of students received a shell.  Then they had to describe the shell so that when we put them all into a pile the other students could pick their shell out.  See if you can choose their shell from their descriptions.

Spiraled top.  Yellow-orange dots and stripes.  Pointy top and bottom.  It feels smooth.  --Kyle and Parker

Spiraled top.  Yellow-orange dots and stripes.  It has a pointed top.  It feels smooth.  It is white. --Parker and Kyle
It is brown. The shell has a lot of lines on it.  It looks like a cookie. --Abby R. and Sierra

It has lots of lines.  It feels like a penny.  It has little white.  It has a little color of brown.  It has 2 brown dots on the bottom. -- Sierra and Abby R.

It is rough.  It looks like a shark tooth.  It is brown.  It has a hole.  It is not sharp. --Noah and Zach

It is white and black.  It sounds like the ocean.  It is round and is like the ocean.  And it's like black and white.  Feels like a round ocean.  And it has black on the side and white on the inside and outside. -- Gabbi and Hailey

It's black and white.  It's kind of round.  It's hollow inside.  It is black and white in the middle.  It feels bumpy.  It looks like an umbrella.-- Hailey and Gabbi

The shell has small lines.  It has a blue tip.  It is swirly and it the color gray.  It is small and a has a couple of white dots.   It has a hole at the bottom of the shell and inside the hole there is silver.  It has longer lines on the middle.  --Poppy and Savannah

It is smooth and bumpy.  There are stripes.  There is a hollow hole. --Mathew and Kevin

It feels rough, and smooth at the same time.  It looks a little like a notules shell.  It is orange in the middle.  It is black and white and brown.  It has a pattern.  It has two holes.  It goes off into a point and  it has stripes. --Kevin and Mathew

The shell is green, white and brown.  It is gold on the inside.  The shell has swirls.  The tip of the shell is white.  The inside of it is big.  Our shell is rough.  there is lines on it. -- Ava and Abby N.

You can hear the sea.  you can hear the shell.   There are brown spots all over it.  It has some light green sea color on it.  The tip looks and feels like a pearl.  Our shell is rough. -- Abby N. and Ava

It's green.  It's big.  It's a swirl.  It has a white end.  It has a few cracks in it.  There was a hermit crab in it.  You can hear the ocean.  It is warm in it.  The shell has stripes. -- Mitchell and Tyler

Texture, smooth and bumpy.  Color, yellow and white and a little orange and a little green.  Size, medium small.  Looks like, a snail shell and it looks like a sunset on top and sharks teeth on the bottom opening up wide and going to catch a fish.  --Hiwot and Shane

Sharp teeth.  It is tan and white and a little green.  It feels like a person falling from the stars.  Inside it looks like light yellow.  --Shane and Hiwot

Answer Key:
A-  Tyler and Mitchell
B- Zach and Noah
C- Sierra and Abby R.
D- Mathew and Kevin
E- Kyle and Parker
F- Shane and Hiwot
G- Hailey and Gabbi
H- Poppy and Savannah
I-Ava and Abby N.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Hopes

Welcome back to school!  We are all so excited to be back together for second grade.  

Our Hopes for the New School Year